MEVO & Brad Brewer Golf Academy Exciting New Learning Experience

Inside or Out…at Home or at your Course

Thanks to the MEVO technology and our e-coaching team at the Brad Brewer Golf Academy, successful distance learning to develop your skills is being achieved with much greater results then ever before.


Purchase the MEVO and receive a complimentary Distance Learning Lesson with the Brad Brewer Golf Academy.

Operates through your Phone

Mevo has an easy to use app, works with apple and android platforms. Open the app, turn on your Mevo to sync your phone’s camera to the Mevo, sending to your phone ball flight data after every swing.
Achieve your goals faster with an Affordable Accountability Coaching Program
Mevo technology provides current results through ball flight reports and video analysis.

Your BBGA Coach analyzes this augmented feedback to identify how to get the utmost out of your next training session. Your coach will record progress and update your training modules for continued skill growth.

Practice with Purpose

Passive practice is the death of skills progress. Thanks to Mevo technology, each and every shot is recorded, measured and charted. This allows you to practice with purpose by challenging yourself with every shot and training session to beat your personal best. You will progress faster than ever before now that accurate augmented feedback is at your disposal.

Now you can have The Pro’s Secret to game improvement at an extremely affordable cost to you.

PGA Tour Winner, Bryson DeChambeau has been a FlightScope user for many years, and spent the days leading up to the FedEx Cup Playoff’s getting dialed in with the technology.  “FlightScope is an integral part of my success on tour.”

With technology improving the world of sports in leaps and bounds, more accurate sports measurement systems have resulted in improvements not only for players, but for spectators too.

3D Ball Tracking

The two main technological aspects of the FlightScope 3D motion tracking device are its radar technology (very similar to that which is used in the military), and its advanced industrial electronics.
The patented phased array tracking technology that is used in all FlightScope radar units is the most advanced in the industry today.  How does the 3D Doppler Tracking Radar work?FlightScope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring 27 variables related to your Ball, Club or Swing, such as:
Ball Data, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Vertical Decent Angle, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Carry Distance, Roll, Total Distance, Lateral Landing, Apex Height, Flight Time, Shot Dispersion, Distance to Pin, Skills Score, Club Data, Club Speed, Club Speed Profile, Club Acceleration Profile, Face Angle, Face to Path, Dynamic Loft, Angle of Attack, Club Path, Vertical Swing Plane, Horizontal Swing Plane, Spin Loft

The ball’s entire trajectory after it has been launched is also tracked, which means you have exceptionally comprehensive ball measurement information instantly available, helping you to improve your golf swing.


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