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Top Five New Season Prep Tips by Brad Brewer

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October 24, 2017
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February 9, 2018

Top Five New Season Prep Tips by Brad Brewer

We Fit You. We Ship to You. It’s that Epic!

Whether you experienced an unseasonably warm winter and spring which allowed you to play without interruption, or are still trying to shake off the chill, the idea of a “new golf season” allows you to reminisce about your best rounds, forget about the not so memorable ones, and, set your sights on preparing for your best season of golf! Here are prep tips I recommend to students:

1. Define What You Want
You would think this should be a no brainer, but more often than not, when we ask our students this question they either mentally check out, or start rambling about everything they don’t want. Begin by thinking about what a fun and rewarding year of golf might look like. It doesn’t just have to be the typical, “I want to drive it like Bubba”. Perhaps traveling and playing some new courses are on your bucket list. The objective here is to go ahead and set goals, lofty or not, because that is the only way to begin to make something happen.

2. Equipment Check
Clubs, gloves and shoes often sit in a garage allowing the elements to cause grips to dry out and become slippery. If you haven’t looked into new golf shoes for a few years, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much lighter and flexible they have become, aka comfortable! All the while still providing ample support.

Were you custom fit for the clubs you are playing? If not, it is worth the time to find out your numbers.

Here is my student Sam. The photo on the left shows his shaft torqued out too early causing him to lose angle of approach, centeredness of hit and speed. The photo on the right, armed with the right club, Sam gained 27 yards instantaneously. Equipment purchases are a major investment, therefore, be sure you go to an expert that will use technology to demonstrate what specs work best for you.

3. Dust off your Swing Fundamentals
Please plan to do this on the range. I know how eager you are to just hit the course each time, but trust me on this, 40 minutes on the range will do your game a lot of good. After some light stretching, you are ready to check your set up position. Place two alignment rods, or two golf clubs, on the ground in the form of a cross to align your body and ball position. Next, check your grip, in particular, pay close attention to how much pressure you are exerting. With hands, arms and shoulders relaxed, go ahead and make your first swing. Starting your warm up in this manner improves your rhythm and ability to complete a fuller swing.

If you struggle during this process, be kind to yourself and book time with your golf professional. Why continue to work on the wrong things?

4. Fit4Golf
New player to tour player, every level of golfer benefits from golf specific fitness for strength, endurance, balance, coordination and injury prevention. Weakness or lack of flexibility in one part of the body causes stronger muscles to compensate and that affects your golf swing. Visit for a solid warm up routine provided by our trainer, Mitch Sadowski, owner of Mitch 11, and the Director of Golf Fitness at Lake Nona. For more from Mitch, visit

5. Visualize Your Best Round
If I asked you, “Who just won the TPC?” I’d bet a dozen Chrome Softs, an image of Si Woo Kim, the youngest winner on record appears in your mind. That’s because we think in pictures. You can study past score cards of your best rounds, recounting how many fairways you hit, greens in regulation and number of putts but that is nowhere near as powerful and beneficial as doing what Arnold Palmer would do. In preparation for a major event, he would sit in a comfortable chair with his eyes closed and visualize himself playing every shot, on every hole. This process helped Arnie secure 27 amateur titles, 95 professional wins, seven of them majors, and it will help you too; on the golf course, and off.

Let me hear back from you,, tell me what you want from your game this season…share the fun details about your season opener… ask me questions about creating your best season.

Here for your best season!
Happy Golfing,
Brad Brewer

Brad Brewer

A Top 100 Teacher by Golf Magazine and PGA class-A Professional, Brad successfully competed on the Austral-Asian PGA Tour and Hogan/Nike Tours, developed the training curriculum for high-performance juniors at Saddlebrooke Preparatory and applies these experiences to his teaching and coaching at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. Brad was awarded the North Florida PGA Teacher of the Year and Junior Golf Leader of the Year, Edwin Watts Golf Top Instructor Award, along with the honor of Top 50 Instructor in Florida by Golf Digest.

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