Happy “Minnesota” Golfers

Happy Father & Son Golfers
September 18, 2020
Happy Family Dr.
September 30, 2020

What started as a suggestion from a college friend who said a childhood friend had this golf academy, ended as a great learning experience and an increased appreciation of the game.

My wife and I love playing golf together. We decided to take our college friend’s advice and scheduled time at the Brad Brewer Golf Academy to work on our game.

The resort is second to none. Wanda made our vacation seamless. All we had to do was ask and it was done. Whether it was dinner or an additional tee time.

The time spent with Brad was phenomenal! The video analysis of our swings and the drills to improve them has really been beneficial. Although humbling, he has a very effective way of showing how to get better and gave us lots to work on! He has also been available through the V1 golf app for continued tweaking of our game. All I have to do is record a short video and send it. Brad gets back with suggestions and drills to work with.

Along with the classroom time, the active golfing was a blast. He was able to immediately respond to things he saw on the course.

If anyone is thinking of doing some golf instruction, I would highly recommend the Brad Brewer Golf Academy. The instruction, facilities and resort are second to none. In fact we are planning a second session this winter.