Our Method

"My coach, Jack Grout, never told me what to do. He would ask questions and make suggestions. He wanted me to be in charge and responsible for my own game."

Jack Nicklaus

Our method of game improvement begins with you, by profiling your current game, identifying your strengths, taking into account any physical limitations, defining your desired goals, and, setting a realistic commitment of time. Computerized Swing Analysis, practice range training and an on-course assessment are valuable tools we use to maximize your game improvement.

The game we play as a whole, challenging the course by executing one shot at a time. But in developing one’s game it is necessary to view the game in four specific areas: Full Swing Fundamentals, The Scoring Zone, Course Management and Practice Like a Pro.

Critical to our philosophy & methodology is the selection and training of instructors. All instructors have successfully completed the “Brad Brewer Instructors’ Certification Program” which includes a solid understanding of how best to use our player development training tools and techniques.

The Process of Making Change

Arnold Palmer taught me several great things, one being how important it is to keep thoughts, feelings and actions deceptively simple. All Pros have developed a consistent swing that can be repeated without much thought. But in the process of becoming an unconscious competent, you will learn to take the following steps:

Profiling your current game

Understand why you currently do what you do. Every person has natural tendencies and conditioned habits from other sports or activities. We use video, launch monitor technology and feel feedback exercises to make you aware of why you get the current results and struggle to get better.


Through this new awareness you will begin developing the correct feelings fundamentally and start forming a picture in your mind of what you want to do differently. Pros typically adopt swing changes faster, not because they have more talent, but because they are willing to do drill work (lots of drills). Why do drills work so well? Because they isolate certain aspects of the swing and the reps are pure feel conditioning that creates unconscious habits. We play our best when we play like we walk and talk, in an unconscious way. When we take lessons and begin to make change, you must become conscious of these new habits. There is a process you will learn that will help you become a conscious competent, allowing you to bridge the gap between the old and the new feelings until the new paradigm becomes fixed in your mind.

Practice Like a Pro

Its not how many balls you beat, its about doing things correctly. Learn to trust the new feels and changes by practicing competitively and with interval training. This type of training conditions long term memory recall and makes you more golf course ready. And you will find it a much more enjoyable way of “Practicing like a Pro”.

Playing Lessons

One of our greatest differentials is that we teach you how to think and feel like a pro by taking you on-course and coaching you through the creative thought process, emotional control and winning focus.

Technology Feedback

Augmented feedback with modern technology is a fun and swift way to learn. Our list of game improvement technology is always expanding based on the most current applications. Flightscope X3 gives ball flight and swing measurements using doppler radar and is foundational in learning and measuring swing technique, course management patterns and club fitting recommendations. Focus Band integrates with Flightscope adding biofeedback information about focus and mental training. Heartmath is another technology used in developing emotional skills and breathing techniques. And the V1 Video Analysis brings an online platform for storing video lessons and drills for each individual client.

“We are the best at what we do best… Helping you make fast everlasting game improvement changes.”