High Performance Academy



High Performance Academy, powered by Brad Brewer and…, ignites the maximum growth potential in the unique individual committed to being a competitive athlete through every stage of junior, amateur, collegiate and professional development.

Your Coaching Team is a compilation of accomplished teachers and coaches, all experienced as competitive athletes, and dedicated to providing our high performance golfers with a comprehensive Mind, Body, & Technique player development platform.

Your Learning Center located at the Rosen Shingle Creek Luxury Hotel & Golf Club, Orlando Florida, provides the hotbed environment and state of the art facilities for growing talent quickly and effectively through proven competitive training methods, Scoring Zone Center, Technology Studio’s, balanced with an individualized Periodization Schedule to maximize peak performance on a consistent, prognosticated basis.

ACADEMIC PROGRAM  7th-12th Grade







• Each athlete is an individual with unique strengths, qualities and characteristics. The manner in which he/she assimilates instruction is distinctive and personal.
• The BBGA Coaching Team collectively supports each individualized learning style and instills fundamental disciplines that lead to success.
• Athletes’ core competencies are tested daily through Skills Assessments utilizing technology and competitive testing.
• The golfer, coaches and parents will jointly define long-term goals, monthly bench marks and a road map of expectations crucial to fast tracking successfully toward the athlete’s worthy ideal.
• Competitive Periodization Schedule is created and directed so that training is managed into waves of progression (development, pre-competitive, competitive, PEAK and recovery) for maximum performance and optimum long range success.
• The BBGA Coaching Team induces daily improvement toward specific goals with deep practice techniques that increase the appropriate and necessary intensity to grow each individual’s talent level.

The game we play as a whole, challenging the course by executing one shot at a time. But in developing one’s game it is necessary to view the game in four specific areas: Full Swing Fundamentals, The Scoring Zone, Course Management and Practice Like a Pro. Computerized

Swing Analysis utilizing V1 Technology, Heartmath Biofeedback Software, Focus Band and Flightscope launch monitor technologies, practice range training and on-course assessment are used to maximize individualized game improvement.
Critical to our philosophy & methodology is the selection and training of instructors. All instructors are hand selected by Brad and have successfully completed Instructors’ Certification Program with a solid understanding on how to use the BBGA training tools and techniques in player development.

The Process of Development
For thirty years the legendary Arnold Palmer taught Brad Brewer his winning habits, one being how important it is to keep thoughts, feelings and actions deceptively simple through consistent repetition. All Pros have developed a consistently fundamentally sound swing through quality repetition and hard work that can be repeated without much technical thought. This process is best accomplished through off speed and full speed drills, exercises and the use of video, launch monitor technology and creative feel feedback exercises.
Pros typically adopt swing changes faster, not because they have more talent, but because they are willing to do drill work (lots of drills). Juniors will “Practice like a Pro” each and every day creating rapid improvement toward their greatest potential. Learning to trust the new feels and changes is best accomplished by practicing competitively and with interval training techniques. This type of training condition the long term memory recall and makes the golfer more competitive ready. And they will find training much more intense and an enjoyable way of “Practicing like a Pro”. One of our greatest differentials is that we train the golfer how to think and feel like a pro by working on-course and coaching the creative thought process, course strategy, shot making, emotional control and winning focus.

Team approach to training and progression begins day one with individual assessment of core competencies. There are four training team levels with specific benchmarks required for advancement, being; Social Skills, Local Competitor, Reginal Competitor and National Competitor. Monthly assessments will give every athlete the ability to advance into higher levels of team with reward and recognition amongst the teams. With every team advancement becomes a greater opportunity for higher quality golf tournament competitions and scheduled activities.
Mentoring new winning habits in all aspects of the game will be accomplished by creating a learning environment that fosters quick awareness when every shot has purpose and focus. All athlete learn that it is not a matter of time – but applied energy (tested under pressure) – that develops mastery talent of winning habits. Athletes will learn how to create what they want through repetitive thoughts, feelings and actions that will become their winning paradigm. Technical, Tactical and Emotional Skills combined with physical disciplines are scheduled for daily training with individual benchmarks and challenges.
Each athlete will receive a detailed quarterly Progress Assessment Report highlighting areas of improvement and new benchmark goals for the next training period.


Time Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday
8am-12pm Classroom & Online Academics Local, Regional & National Competitions
1pm-5pm Team Coaching & Training Recovery




Semester Dates: Academics & Athletic Training Boarding Placement & Transportation
Fall Semester: 8/15/19 – 12/15/19 $ 23,000 $ 6,000
Spring Semester: 1/10/20 – 5/28/20 $ 23,000 $ 6,000