Foundational Pillars


Swing Fundamentals

Our approach is to simplify your thinking and improve your motor skills by training the pivot of your hips and shoulders around a steady axis to direct your arms and club into a circular flow of motion. Our “Order of Learning Priority” is the balanced setup, consistent low point, power and direction. Maximum power and precision are not possible until one learns how to create a consistent bottom to their swing arc. You will learn the three elements to creating maximum power with body pivot, angular momentum and wrist hinging.

Balance begins in the fingers and connects directly to the ground. Often balance in golf is limited to the thought and feeling of where the balance point or center of gravity is at address and then while in motion. But in order to maintain balance in the body, one must first know how to balance the golf club in and with the fingers. That’s right, balance begins with grip and then progresses into aim and posture. You will learn the acronym GAP to simply remind you of these key pre-swing fundamentals of grip, aim and posture.

The flow of motion in a fundamentally sound golf swing is directed through RARE: rhythm, arc, radius and energy. Rhythm is the glue that coordinates a multitude of moving parts into an orderly and connected force between the mass of our weight shift and velocity of the club swinging. Swings can have several different speeds that match the shot choice. Like for instance, fast speed for a big drive and slow tempo for the feathery flop shot. But no matter what the tempo of choice, it must remain rhythmic.

Accurate ball striking is a direct result of conditioning the swing fundamentals that influence face, path, angle of attack and center strike. We utilize computerized swing analysis, launch monitor technology and personalized training drills giving augmented feedback to enhance your mind and body conditioning of a fundamentally disciplined golf swing.


Scoring Zone

Lower your scores with better technique from 50 yards and in to the hole. Pitching, chipping, putting and bunker shots utilize the basic fundamentals of a full swing with a finer awareness of how to create distance, trajectory and spin control. You will learn how to tap into your RARE and focus on holing out with more confidence and consitency than every before.


Course Management

Develop your best on-course strategy through sound choices and better focus. Learn to play smarter, be more aggressive, and think through those trouble shots just like a champion. Our coaches will teach you a thought process that with practice will make you more efficient with less thinking over the ball (the death to any good shot). you will learn the Pro’s Secrets to scoring low and managing your game by having your mind focused on what you want.


Practice Like a Pro
(Mind & Body)

"What changed in me? I learned how to play the game: focus on what I want and accept what it get." Brooks Koepka, US Open Champion 2017 &18. Most golfers come to us with the attitude of “I can’t", and "what did I do wrong?" This becomes their paradigm that stops them from improving. We will teach you how to practice with purpose so that you can have better focus creating what you want on the range and course with a simple and sound process. Practicing Like a Pro is developing confidence through disciplines of swing maintenance drills, pre-shot routines, emotional control, breathing techniques, tactical planning and energy management. From New Player to Tour Player, you will continue to improve with Practice Like a Pro!