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Your very own Professional Golf Coach available where you LIVE, WORK or PLAY!  Stay on Course with eCoaching, available to any level of player who desire to personalized game improvement, from any computer or smart phone in the world.

eCoaching can offer the following for your distance learning and continued development:

Personalized Video Swing Analysis with Prescribed Training Drills – $50.00


Continue your progress with personalized instruction and focused training to condition your new habits with a

Series of Five Swing Analyses with Prescribed Practice – $200.00 Price reflects a 20% discount.

Get Started Now!

  • First eCoaching lesson? Acquire the V1 app and follow the simple step-by-step directions.
  • Second, complete your eCoaching Enrollment Form.
  • Third, use your laptop, smart phone or electronic pad to capture a swing and send to Brad for your eCoaching lesson.
  • Saving the best for last, receive your Lesson with prescribed practice and begin to enjoy playing better golf by conditioning your new habits.