Computer Swing Analysis

Brad Brewer with Emily using technology hitting bay

Welcome to Computer Swing Analysis

Welcome to your Computer Swing Analysis. During this 30 or 60-minute golf lesson, you and your Coach will discuss where your swing technique is currently and what changes are recommended to improve your ball striking based on ball flight laws. You will gain awareness of your current strengths, weaknesses, and prescribed practice to reach your stated goals.


Personal Goal Setting

Your BBGA Coach will assess your current swing by combining information from ball flight observation, client interview process, basic equipment check, V1 Golf Video Capture and the Flightscope Launch Monitor to identify the key areas in need of improvement.

Review Your Goals. Based on our complete assessment of your current skills, physical abilities, realistic time commitment and personal desires, your Coach will define clear, attainable short term benchmarks, and specific details on how to accomplish them. No goal is too modest or lofty! We will help you map out the best path for your success!

Swing Technique Assessment utilizing V1 Golf Technology