2bGolf Renewal Program

Making Retirement a Renewal of Your Best Golf Game

“Even at 90 years old, my true joy is found in learning something every time I go out.”
~Dow Finsterwald, PGA Champion and Hall of Fame Member

Retirement is the ideal time to truly enjoy playing your best golf!

However, I have over the years, observed clients, friends and family members, begin their next chapter in life with the greatest of expectations only to swiftly become frustrated and discouraged with their results.  They all tried various quick fixes but wound up worse the harder they tried.  You can avoid this dreadful experience.

 If you desire to renew your golf game during retirement with a better sense of how to consistently enjoy your best golf experiences then you are really going to love what we are about to offer you and another golfer of your choosing.

Augmented feedback for swift measurable learning

Mentored by the King, Arnold Palmer

Three decades of being mentored by the King of Golf, Arnold Palmer, I had a front row seat to observing greatness.  But his true genius was not in tournament victories but in how to truly find joy in playing the game each and every day.   Joy in Work begins with an awareness of what specific goals and tasks should be on the daily list and how to best enjoy the process of conditioning everlasting change.  During your personalized 2b Golf Renewal Program, we will share The Pro’s Secrets to having fun while challenging yourself with a simple solution for you to accomplish your growth action plan.  This includes creating new synapses to allow your brain to strengthen as it is stretched with new skills. 

PALMER & BREWER Mentorship 1984-2016

 I have also witnessed an all too common pitfall that trends from subconsciously replacing a busy work routine into your golf game.  Attempting to make your sole focus and goal for measuring personal self-worth with the successful outcomes in your daily life—should it be, in your golf game?  Certainly this approach can quickly rob you of your ability to find true joy in your game! 

This is why we are rolling out the 2b Renewal Program, a specific agenda designed to guide and challenge you with an inimitable approach to learning, practicing and playing golf today and forever.  Your commitment to a Three Day Golf Academy will swiftly point out the thoughts, feelings and actions that are causing your current frustrations and replace them with a simple approach to gaining confidence with improved skills and a confident approach to playing your best golf.  We will also educate you on golf specific fitness that can be done without a trainer, equipment or stepping into a gym.  Finally, you will be measured for the correct specifications and recommendations of golf clubs and ball fitting.  Our commitment to helping you improve will continue with e-coaching tools made available to support your on-going progress, where you work, live and play. 

Included in the program is a complete equipment assessment and recommendations

Renewing your game is so much more fun when you improve alongside another golfer.  Therefore, for a limited time, to sweeten our Three Day 2b Renew program, between now and through the month of January 2020,
bring another golfer for FREE!

2bGolf Renew Program Suggested Three Day Itinerary
(Program itinerary specifically tailored to players needs and desires)

Day 1: Complete game assessment and defined action blueprint
9:00 Welcome, Warmup and Physical Assessment
9:30 Computer Swing Analysis and Skills Assessment
10:30 Golf Equipment Evaluation using Flightscope Technology
11:00 Scoring Zone Putting 3-6-9′ and 40′ speed control
12:00 Review and conclusion (golf or spa or early happy hour optional)

Day 2: Renewed Learning into New Habits
9:00 Warmup and Fit4Golf Activities
9:30 Drilling Technical Skills Driver Focus
10:30 Simplifying the Creative Thought Process
11:00 Scoring Zone Chipping & Pitching & Sand Shots
12:00 Review and conclusion (golf or spa or early happy hour optional)

Day 3: Mapping a Tactical Golf Course Approach to your best Game
9:00 Warmup and Fit4Golf Activities
9:30 Golf Club Fitting & Distance Calibration with Flightscope Technology
10:00 On Course Playing Lessons
12:00 Review and conclusion (golf or spa or early happy hour optional)

Convenient progress checks with your Academy Instructor using V1 phone app

Commuter Pricing year round is $1492.
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