Grip Check Up with Chris Spalla

Grip Check Up

by Chris Spalla, Lead Instructor, Brad Brewer Golf Academy at Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida

Your introduction to golf began with the grip.  Yet this is the most overlooked item when it comes to maintaining golf equipment.

Grips need to be changed due to their age or due to lack of maintaining them.

Clean, tacky grips are key because it affects how you are going to swing your golf club. Grips that are slick or too worn, causes a too tight grip.

There isn’t an expiration date for grips.  However, if you cannot remember the last time you changed your grips, chances are very good, now is the time.  Even grips that haven’t seen very much play are affected by the elements. Grips that have cracks, wear spots – especially where the thumbs make contact with the grip, faded or bare spots, smooth surfaces or complete loss of tack are all indicators new grips are the go.

Grips that appear a bit shiny but do not exhibit signs of being worn out will benefit from a good cleaning.   Take a clean scrub brush, just a bit of dish soap along with warm water and scrub down the grips.  Rinse immediately, wipe with a clean cloth and allow them to air dry. It is rather impressive how much dirt and oil transfer from your hands to your grips.

Doing this after every ten rounds will not only make the grips tacky again but will also extend the life of your grips.

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