Alignment Rod Drill to Stop Early Release

In the photo on the left, a lack of rotation is causing  the early release of the hands and club, resulting in fat shots (hitting the ground before the ball), shots going dead left, a loss of distance and, very inconsistent contact.
The Fix: over exaggerate the rotation by using an alignment rod as pictured on the right.

Brad Brewer Golf Academy’s Lead Instructor, Chris Spalla, demonstrates below:

Figure 1:  Place your club and the alignment rod in your lead hand.

Figure 2:  Place your trail hand on the club.

Figure 3:  At address, The alignment rod should sit alongside your ribcage.

The objective, the alignment rod should never make contact with your side.

The drill:  In slow motion, make a half swing back (not a full swing!), and a half swing forward, (do NOT hit a ball!)  Do this 2 times in between each practice shot.