“Hi Brad,
Thanks for sending the video and for your commentary on my swing.  I did some work on that drill you gave me….  It made a nice difference.  In fact, my swing used to be more like that, and I somehow got away from it, so your video analysis and the recommended drill helped get me back to that better looking finish.  Thanks so much.
OH… and I had a chip-in from about 20 yards last weekend using the approach you gave me… So, two great things came out of our lesson already.
Much appreciated, and hope to work with you again sometime soon.  I have the Pro V1 app on my phone so I’ll submit some swings to you for review soon.”
Paul (Academy student continuing his good work long distance.)

Technology is helping golfers around the world gain access to Top 100 Instructor Brad Brewer from the convenience of their home course or the comfort of their home. Personalized game improvement directives are received fast and affordable and extremely effective in helping golfers focus on changing faults into sound fundamentals.


Brad will analyze your swing, make his recommendations for improvement and prescribe purposeful practice.

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For guidelines for capturing your swing to send to your instructor, see Chapter 11 of Golf for Everybody by Brad Brewer.