Shape and Sport with Andrea Doddado

Professional Bio:

Andrea Doddato, founder of Shape & Sport, is a high-spirited fitness professional credited with progressive accomplishments in developing regimented personal training programs. She has extensive experience in, but is most certainly not limited to, the biomechanics of golf as it relates to physical capacities and has created unique programs benefiting golfers.

Educated at Georgia State University and certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), C.H.E.K. Institute, and, All American Pilates, she has 13 years experience in the golf and fitness industry. Andrea spent her early years “on the bag” as an LPGA Tour caddie. This is where she began to combine her awareness of golfers’ fitness needs with her knowledge of fitness development.

Time well spent with The Golf Channel enabled her insight into other aspects of the golf industry which led to the creation of her own golf fitness business.

Andrea’s impressive roster of professional and amateur golfers not only benefit from her expertise and steadfast commitment to their sport specific fitness , but also from her friendship and staunch support of their endeavors outside the fitness arena. She is an advisory board member and contributor to Golf Fitness Magazine and has been featured on ESPN and the Golf Channel.

Andrea is available for one-on-one training and small group training, and also thoroughly enjoys leading large corporate groups through early morning pre-conference Kick Starts, and invigorating Meeting Breaks.

Andrea’s past and present clientele:

LPGA Yani Tseng LPGA Christina Kim
PGA Tripp Isenhour PGA Paul Gow
LPGA Mi Hyun Kim LPGA Aree Song
LPGA Jeong Jang LPGA Meena Lee
LPGA Virada Nirapathponporn LPGA Angela Park
LPGA Joo Mi Kim LPGA Amy Yang
LPGA Song Hee Kim LPGA Jee Young Lee
LPGA Jeahae Lee LPGA MJ Hur
LPGA Su A Kim LPGA Young Jo
LPGA Jin Young Pak LPGA Ji Hee Lee
KLPGA Yu Jin Choi LET Stefanie Michl
Futures Dana Je Futures Yoora Kim
Futures Hanna Kang Futures Maria Kim
Futures Sook Hee Baek Futures So He Moon
Futures Susan Choi LPGA Jane Park