Junior Programs:

About our 2b High Performance Junior Training

2b High Performance Jr Training assessmentThe 2b High Performance Junior Training program is to mentor, guide, and encourage our junior athletes and to make a difference in their lives.  To provide young people with a world class coaching environment in a positive and inspirational manner.  To develop our athletes into nationally and internationally ranked junior golfers.  To provide our athletes with the best coaching and training facilities in the nation.

Twice a week small group training provides a team atmosphere, creating an elevated level of support amongst peers.  Benchmarks for each junior are set after a 1-hour assessment is conducted to determine skill appropriate training.   Junior to Instructor ratio is maximum 6:1.  Thereafter, ongoing assessments are conducted to provide juniors, parents and coaches with vital development information.

Monthly training program fee is $450.

To schedule an assessment, please call direct, 407.996.3306, after hours 407.595.3645, email info@bradbrewer.com, or call